You protect yourself with a PRO.

This professional-grade appliance is your best defense to kill 99.99 percent of all germs. And to protect your space, as well as your business with the power of a disinfectant mist.

Germs and viruses are on the rise again!

And if you operate a business or non-profit with multiple high-touch surfaces that require constant cleaning and disinfecting, how do you protect yourself and your valued customers?

Imagine, if you could harness the power of bleach, isopropyl alcohol or any liquid alcohol-based disinfectant, but do it with a gentle spray of mist? Plus you can go anywhere with it.

Now you can do both.

Introducing the professional-grade disinfectant…

Eliminate the agony of burning precious brain cells, as you try to figure out what to purchase for everyone on your list.

Imagine the exact moment when others open your gift. In an instant, they realize the depth of your care (plus practical wisdom, of course).

How would it feel, when your gift is received with such gratitude, that it would be impossible to top in the next year. But we are getting way ahead of ourselves.

Let’s focus on here and now.

Give the latest in personal protection against germs and viruses.

My Clean Buddy GO is the answer…

What if you could have a convenient way to quickly disinfect the shopping cart? And also any other surfaces that you choose?

We might have a perfect solution for that.

Because grocery shopping is stressful enough already.

You must have a grocery list. Then remember to buy treats for your pet and maybe snacks for your loved ones. You navigate the parking lot, and then hope to find a good shopping cart. All while looking through a weekly sales flyer.

Now, we must wear a mask. And still worry about touching the contaminated surfaces in the store.

I know we must use hand-sanitizers now. There is just no way around it. And we use them like there is no tomorrow. But does every sanitizer have to be so awful.

Yuckity. Yuck. Yuck!

Everytime I use a hand-sanitizer, there is a lingering residue on my hands. Certainly, it cleans and disinfects. But my desire for it to feel less gross on my fingers. My skin becomes so sticky and it just smells horrible.

What if I want to sanitize my phone or even my mask? No matter how much I would want to put sanitizer on my phone or tablet? There…

My Clean Buddy

My Clean Buddy is your disinfectant fogger and 100% natural DIY cleaning

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